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David Abbott, one of advertising’s greatest, has sadly passed away. Abbott was a founding member of AMV BBDO, now the UK’s largest advertising agency and Creative Review’s Agency of the Year 2014. Most famous for his work with The Economist, Abbott was unsurpassed as a copywriter and leaves this generation’s creatives some damn big boots to fill. Click here to see his incredible portfolio of work.

David Abbott 1938-2014


It’s not uncommon for brands to comment on recent events or current affairs to stay relevant with their audience. But rarely do brands respond to micro-trends in the social-sphere, as Denny’s did last week. Depending on who you follow on Twitter, you may or may not have seen this new ambivalent emoticon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a.k.a “shruggie”. Denny’s saw it, and bounced it back, recreating the emoticon from fries – thus starting a conversation befitting of the brand and its audience. Good work Denny’s!

Denny’s certainly isn’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about responsive messaging


Chipotle is turning its ephemeral fast food packaging into mini think-pieces – featuring funny, uplifting and insightful prose from a host of authors and comedians. The delightful packaging reflects the company’s ethos of ‘food with integrity’ and the handcrafted quality fits with its award-winning advertising. But packaging like this is only worth its weight if someone stops to read it, and in Chipotle’s relaxed cafeteria-style restaurants there’s a good chance many will.

Never has fast food been so inspiring


The UK is experiencing a wave of craft brewery launches. The trend brings with it a new set of design expectations; traditional beer codes are out of the window, replaced by a contemporary graphic style designed to break the rules. The branding and packaging for Drygate (Glasgow’s new craft brewery) is a great example of this aesthetic.  The work  – created by D8, in collaboration with students of Glasgow School of Art ­– features diverse artwork across bottle labels and retail space, unified by a bespoke typeface and brandmark.

Drygate’s Bearface Lager label


Japan’s Turtle Taxis offer passengers a ‘Yukkuri’ button that, if pushed, tells the driver to slow things down and allow for a more peaceful (albeit longer) journey. Choosing a slower pace has proved so popular there are now plans to introduce 500 of the Turtle Taxis to the city of Yokohama by the end of the year. ‘Yukkuri’ is a Japanese proverb which translates as ‘slowly, at ease’. And with that calming thought, we wish you a happy week ahead!

Take it easy in a Turtle Taxi


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