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Boots has launched a ‘groundbreaking’ campaign to show the results of its new anti-aging serum, by removing all mirrors from the lives of eight women – only allowing them to gaze upon themselves after a four-week product trial, to truly notice the serum’s results. ‘Four Weeks. No Mirrors’ highlights the product’s unique point of difference, as the only face cream that actually reduces skin ageing.


What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? An easy answer is, the former is set to take over America as the latest frozen dessert craze. Both Nestle and Unilever have targets set on acquiring Talenti – a gelato brand from humble roots that’s grown into a national grocery brand, with expectations of more than $160 million in sales this year. Only time will tell which will scoop the deal.

Talenti’s assets are frozen


Previously a bespoke jewelry designer, Tatiana Sánchez turned her creative flair to the world of confectionary and thus, UNELEFANTE was born. The brand’s success has been built on beautifully colourful gifts, including this new line of chocolate bars. Here, the bars and packs are equal works of art; the chocolate hand-painted with edible crayons and paint.

The prettiest chocolate bar none


The annual Design Week Awards recognise design work across a range of specialisms – from workspace interiors, to printed communication and interactive design. But the organistion’s award for multi-disciplinary excellence – Brand of the Year – this year goes to ITV. Despite ITV’s rebrand getting bad reviews from the general public, Design Week consider the brand’s new, responsive identity a ‘strong signal of the power of design’. And the figures speak for themselves; since the rebrand in January 2013, ITV’s revenues have grown by £91 million and its share price inflated by 82 percent. You can see the rest of the winners here.

ITV’s ‘colour-picking’ logo draws tones from its background, so no two logos are the same


Tourist space travel has recently become a possibility, and some even predict that humans could live on the moon within the next 40 years. But, as there’s no water on the moon, residents would need something to drink, right? Enter Pocari Sweat, a Japanese electrolyte sports drink that is set to be the first drink to land on the moon… next year!

To bravely go where no drink has gone before


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